2 Birds Coffee + Cafe Coming to Watersound Origins

[ Originally posted by Northwest Florida Daily News ]

A local food and coffee joint is preparing to open its second location. Working in partnership with St. Joe Company, 2 Birds Coffee + Cafe will soon take over the former Watersound Cafe.

“We were really intrigued with 2 Birds Cafe,” said Bridget Precise, senior vice president of residential real estate for St. Joe Company, a development company. “The food’s really good, they’re really personalized, and we felt like that would be just a great fit for what we’re trying to build.”

According to Chef Taylor Rohrberger, he and his wife created the brand a little over a year ago.

Rohrberger added that his Miramar Beach location is open from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m., but that the new shop’s hours have not yet been determined.

“Since the beginning, we thought that the general concept would work well further east, so we were looking for a place down the 30A, Rosemary area,” he said.

With over 200 homes built in Watersound Origins and many more in the works, Precise said it was time to branch out and find someone else to represent the community’s eatery.

Precise added that although the establishment will be in the heart of the upscale development, it will be open to the public.

“It’s kind of the perfect storm … where it just came together and the timing was right,” she said. “They’ve got a really good brand and strong menu that we feel like is just going to fit really well.”

Rohrberger said that one of 2 Bird’s more popular dishes, especially among “the adventurous folks,” was the Chorizo Toast — sourdough bread with toppings including avocado, black bean spread and a sunny-side up egg.

Looking ahead, he expected to get things rolling at the new location within the next month.

“We went into this wanting to provide approachable food with an unexpected twist and the first year in Miramar went better than we expected, so it will be great to serve the larger community,” Rohrberger said.

For more information, www.2birdscafe.com.