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Bluewater self storage

Bluewater Self Storage is the largest self service storage facility in the Niceville area. Located near the Mid Bay Bridge exit on US 20, our state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate all of your storage needs.

Think of renting a storage unit as a temporary, off-site addition to your home or business? Whether you need the extra space for furniture storage, office files, equipment, or vehicle storage, at Bluewater Self Storage, it’s simply a matter of picking the right space and renting it by the month. We know our relationship will be short, so at Bluewater Self Storage, you’ll find competitive rates, easy and convenient access and a knowledgeable team to assist you with all your storage needs.

Storage spaces come in many sizes and environments, so it’s just a matter of picking one to match the items you’re storing. Give us a call at (850) 897-6464 and someone from our team will cheerfully walk you through it.

Choose the right size

Sizes &

We have many unit sizes available in both standard and climate-controlled options including:

  • Ten by Five (10X5)
  • Ten by Ten (10X10)
  • Ten by Fifteen (10X15)
  • Ten by Twenty (10X20)
  • Ten by Twenty-Five (10X25)
  • Ten by Thirty (10X30)

LOcation & Directions

We are conveniently located off of Highway 20 just east of the Mid Bay Bridge exit. Turn north at the Dollar General store on Tom Hanks Drive and go through the security gates to enter our offices at 4590 East Highway 20. Need more information? Give us a call at (850) 897-6464.


Contact Bluewater self storage

Office Location:
4592 Highway 20
Niceville, Florida 32578

Phone: 850.897.6464​

Office Hours:
Monday — Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM